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We think that Smile is a great way to wear everyday and anywhere, whether you’re around the house, in the garden or on the beach. A hammock-style sling, Smile supports five different carrying positions,  including a cradle position for newborns. The Smile creates a wonderful ergonomic and natural seating position, with legs spread, squat and with baby’s spine rounded. Small and simple it’s great for on the go! Ideal for babies aged 0 to 24 months and weighing 8-35 lbs. / 3.6-15.9kg. Smile is an exciting modern reinvention of our original, multi award-winning, 5-in-1 baby sling the BabaSling, and now includes an enhanced split shoulder for even more comfort & fit.

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parent facing

world facing

hip position

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Height – 48”/122cm

Width – 36.5”/93cm

Depth – 0.08”/2cm

material composition

100% cotton

material composition

Machine washable cold at 40°C

As someone who owns several different baby carriers and uses them all the time, I was so excited to try this one for all of its unique features. To put it simply, this sling is amazing. Every detail is so well thought out and functional. And comfortable!! As an active family, I’ve had a hard time finding a carrier with great back support and this one truly is the best I’ve tried.  I really can’t say enough good things about this baby sling. Myself, my husband, and my baby all love it!


award winning baby carriers

why parents chose me

5 ways to wear

2 x cradled, 1 x parent facing, 1 x world facing and 1 x hip position

smile from birth

Suitable from birth, for babies aged 0 to 24 months and weighing 8-35lbs/3.6-15.9kg.

small & simple

With a great carry pouch included, it is an easy carrier to install on the go

shaped to your shoulder

Unique split shoulder to provide better support and properly distribute weight

smile from birth.

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what is the difference between the Smile Sling Lite and Classic?

The Smile sling range includes two collections: Lite and Classic (including Special Editions and Organic).The Smile Lite is ultra-lightweight and super breathable, and is designed for climates a bit hotter than most. Made with airy cotton twill, the Lite stays cool and comfy, even in warmer temperatures. It’s also great for indoors and for active parents who want the benefits of a lighter fabric without sacrificing any of the quality or durability of our Classic carriers. The Smile Classic is our original baby sling designed for everyday, all year round use. It’s stylish, versatile and exceptionally high in quality. Since 2005, this is the product upon which we have built our brand and reputation, and it continues to be a firm favourite.

what age is the Smile sling suitable for?

The Smile sling is suitable for babies aged 0 to 24 months, weighing 3.6–15.9kg (8–35lbs), depending upon which positions you choose to use. The recommended age and weight is from 0 to about 9 months weighing 3.6 to 9kg (7.9–19.8lbs). Many people report they have used the Smile sling with children up to 36 months of age. Just be sure that both wearer and child are comfortable and correctly positioned. The Smile sling has been tested to meet Technical Report CEN/TR 16512:2015 and ASTM F2907 – 15.

what are the 5 different carrying positions?

Easy Tiger is a lovely supported, heart-to-heart, cradle-carry position ideal for very young or tiny babies, until they are either too big or too long for the sling (approximately 6 months), and can be used should you wish to discreetly breastfeed baby. Coyote Cradle is a cosy, restful position perfect for very young or tiny babies aged from 0 months onwards. Use this position until baby is either too big or too long for the sling (approximately 6 months). Koala Cuddle is a comforting, belly-to-belly, parent-facing position perfect for babies aged 6 months plus, or once baby has good head control and can sit up unassisted (approximately 12 months).March Hare is a liberating, world-facing position ideal for babies aged 6 months plus, or once baby has good head control and can sit up unassisted. It allows inquisitive little ones to watch what’s going on in the world whilst feeling safe and secure. Side Saddle is a charming, hip-carry position perfect for little ones aged 6 months plus, or once they have good head control and can sit up unassisted. It allows baby and wearer to saddle up together and experience the world almost side-by-side.

what does 'ergonomically correct sitting position' mean?

A baby’s spine and hips are not yet fully developed. Their spine is naturally rounded, not straight, and their spine and hip joints are soft and flexible. At We Made Me it has been our mission to design products that fully support a baby’s developing spine at all times. Therefore, it is vitally important that when baby is placed in the Smile sling using the Koala Cuddle and the Side Saddle positions, they remain in the ergonomically correct sitting position at all times. To check baby achieves this comfortable spread squat, or M position, ensure their bottom is always positioned lower than their knees, and the fabric of the sling fully supports their thighs.

when should I wear a Smile sling?

A Smile sling is ideal for every day use. It’s good for wearing baby around the house, popping down to the shop, picking up the kids from school, or if baby’s crying and you just want to settle them down, and remove the sling without disturbing baby.

will the Smile sling fit my partner?

The Smile sling has a unique adjustment system, which means it is fully adjustable to fit most body shapes and sizes. One size fits all and can be adjusted in seconds.