sit rite™ car seat leveler


sit rite™ car seat leveler

levels rear-facing child safety seats and positions infants at the proper angle.


  • Cut to any length to fit any width vehicle seat
  • High density polyethylene foam has less compression for better support

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parents love the sit rite™!

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can the Sit Rite be used on the Diono convertible car seats?

No. You must use the detachable base that comes with all Diono convertible car seats.

can I use the Sit Rite with other brands?

Yes. If the brand instructs to use a roll towel or a pool noodle, then the Sit-Rite is perfect that product.

can I use the Sit Rite on a forward-facing car seat?

No. The Sit-Rite is designed to level a rear-facing car seat in the correct recline position according to the manual or angle indicator on the seat itself.