crash exchange program

Severe crashes can compromise a car seat’s safety. Learn about Diono’s voluntary crash replacement program below.

Voluntary Child Restraint Exchange Program for Occupied Restraints Involved in Severe Crash


If your Diono child restraint was involved in a severe crash, you could be eligible for consideration to have it exchanged for a new one of the same or similar design. For details, please read the following completely. We will determine if your restraint is eligible for exchange under our policy.

Basic guidelines include, but are not limited to, the following:

  1. Only Diono child restraints that were occupied at the time of the crash are eligible for exchange. A restraint with no occupant is not eligible for the exchange.
  2. Only restraints sold by Diono are eligible for the exchange program. Restraints from other manufacturers, including other Diono sister companies in other countries, are not eligible.
  3. The restraint must have experienced a severe crash in Canada. A severe crash is one that damaged the vehicle’s structural frame.
  4. The crash occurred within the previous 60 days.
  5. The crashed restraint is available for return and exchange.
  6. The child restraint has been registered with Diono.
  7. BEFORE we issue a return authorization to a consumer for a crashed restraint, Diono RA Services must first receive and review all required documentation. Note: Restraints returned to us without our prior authorization will be discarded.
  8. You must be prepared to provide the following:
    • Clear photos of the crashed vehicle.
    • Clear photo of the Diono child restraint in the vehicle seat.
    • The police report and the consumer’s written description of the crash.
    • The restraint’s manufacturing date, batch, serial and model numbers from the affected restraint.
    • Your name, address, and day telephone number.
    • A copy of a letter from Insurance Company declining replacement coverage.

Faxed reports cannot be accepted. Please mail the above documentation to:

Attn: RA Services
50 Northland Road
Suite 400
Waterloo, ON N2V 1N3

If you have a question, please call us during normal business hours at 1-866-954-9786. All submitted documentation becomes the property of Diono and will not be returned. This voluntary exchange program is being conducted at the sole discretion of Diono and does not represent or suggest that every request will result in exchange. Upon review of the crash circumstances and documentation, we will determine if an exchange is warranted based on our internal criteria. There is no provincial or federal regulation that requires Diono to replace a crashed child restraint.

If approved, we will issue a Return Authorization number for the crashed restraint to be sent to us at the consumer’s expense. The Return Authorization number MUST be visible on the outside of the box or it will be rejected. CODs not accepted. We are not responsible for stolen, lost, or misdirected returns. If accepted by us, we will send, at our expense, an exchange restraint in the color, style, and features of our choice and ship it back to the consumer per our regular freight carrier/method. We will not authorize or pay for airfreight or other expedited freight methods. All restraints and documentation submitted to us become the property of Diono.

Disclaimer: This program for crashed restraint exchange is voluntary. This exchange program involves no financial reimbursement. Diono reserves the right to change, alter, amend or cancel any guidelines or the entire program at any time for any reason at our sole discretion without prior notice or obligation.