Recently, Parent Tested Parent Approved Media announced the recipients for the coveted PTPA Seal of Approval. The results come after a thorough product approval process whereby consumers (selected from a community of over 150,000 testers across North America) put products to the test in the context of their daily lives.

Diono is proud to be picked among the 2019 winners, both for this year and others. We always love the Parent Tested Seal of Approval, since it’s a reflection of what matters to you, and we love knowing firsthand that our products bring joy and ease into your life.

Consumer-Driven Values


Founder and CEO of PTPA Media, Sharon Vinderine, has some thoughts about how parents make our industry what it is today.

“Shopping is changing,” Vinderine says, “we’re doing more online. We’re expecting more in store. But with so many options, making the right choice can be more confusing than ever.”

That’s why the PTPA Seal of Approval is so valuable. It brings clarity to the juvenile market, letting you listen to other parents advocate for the products they know and love.


How Brands Build “Mom” Trust


Y’all are a force to be reckoned with, and we wouldn’t want it any other way. Parents and caregivers are the backbone of our industry, and without you we would only have snot bubbles and crushed graham crackers for feedback. We need you, with all your messy, real-world experiences.

“Authenticity is the only currency that matters, and that comes from the assurance that other moms have experienced a product personally, and found that it met or exceeded their expectations. PTPA’s Seal of Approval conveys this all at a single glance,” Vinderine emphasizes. “Over the years, there’s been a lot of trust lost between consumers and brands, which is why we’re seeing more scrutiny of brand marketing claims than ever before,” continues Vinderine. “Ask any mom how she makes her purchasing decisions and she’ll tell you she trusts other moms more than brand marketing.”

Your opinion is important, not just for customers, but for the brands themselves. We hear you, and are honored to be on your radar.


And now, without further ado… We are thrilled to announce that 3 of our products were included in the September 2019 Recipients of the PTPA Seal of Approval!

The Diono Carus Complete Carrier 

The Diono Flexa Lightweight Stroller 

The WeMadeMe Flow Wrap


Want to learn more about these products? Find links to the United States and Canada websites below!

How Winners Are Determined


Parents across North America participate in the testing process, at no cost to them. They evaluate the products with their families in real-life environments rather than simply conducting a consumer vote. Their feedback and evaluations are carefully tallied and curated, and products that meet their standards earn the coveted PTPA Seal of Approval, which can be leveraged on packaging, advertising, end-cap displays, and more.

News of the victory is shared among our community of over 150,000 families. Independent research by Research Now has confirmed that the PTPA Seal of Approval ranks among the top three most recognized seals in North America.

About PTPA Media Inc.
PTPA Media certifies innovative products that families can trust. By connecting manufacturers with consumers, PTPA Media helps companies serve their markets better, and helps families identify products that have been tested and recommended by their peers. For more information visit

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